Starting a Theatre Company



Starting a company is easy. Relatively.

Putting on a show is hard. Definitely.

Doing both of these things is an exciting test of endurance and passion.

To start a theatre company you need patience, endurance, copious amounts of self belief and a whole lot of passion.

Patience, because it takes time. You will hit hurdles and red tape and need to fill out a LOT of applications asking for money. Unless you’re rich. Then you can do whatever you like.

Endurance, because (as above) you will need to stick this process out. You will need to keep reminding yourself of the big picture and push through the endless hours of planning and set up required. You want to succeed? You have to pass this test first.

Self belief is key. At every turn, someone will say “why are you doing this?” Or worse “Don’t do this, we don’t need it in this town”. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, they will stop you in your tracks. The self doubt will creep in and tear you down. If you really believe you have something to give, then give it. If you have to start fresh in order to give it, then do it. Sometimes it takes an outsider to change things. Sometimes it takes an insider to shut things down.

Passion is paramount. If you don’t love the theatre, the late nights, the tears and the stress and the rehearsals, then don’t even think about starting a theatre company. But, if the thought of bringing someone’s story to life on stage fills you with excitement, if you love spending endless hours in a rehearsal room, if you love nothing more than that silent moment between the audience hush and the curtain opening, if sharing your expertise with other passionate people fills you with joy, then push through the doubt. Start that company and share your passion with the world.

There’s simply no such thing as too much theatre.



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