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Put this date in your calendar: February 17th, 2018!

July 27 - August 10

Women aged 18 and up, all shapes, sizes and ethnicities! These women are NOT the Disney princesses! They are the women for the original fairytales based on Grimm, Perrault, de Villeneuve, historic accounts and legend with a healthy dose of modern-day, strong, independent woman mixed in.

SNOW WHITE – Brassy and ballsy, sassy and self-assured. She is the leader of the Princess pack who likes to be in control. Equal parts serious-minded, sexy, and fun-loving. With her skin as white as snow and lips cherry red, she aspires to be perfect in all that she does but soon realizes that being perfectly ‘you’ is more important.
CINDERELLA – Perky and quirky, slightly ditzy. She is always enthusiastic when it comes to being a real-life princess. A happy-go-lucky girl who is about to discover that there is more to being a princess than gowns and glass slippers.
SLEEPING BEAUTY – The perfect comic foil to Snow White’s perfect ‘straight-man.’ Always the cut-up, she brings a flippant unpredictability to the evening’s festivities. She’s a comical bull in a china shop. Some would prefer she fit into the stereotype of a perfect princess but she’d rather break the mold and be perfectly herself.
BELLE – A smart, witty French girl from classic lit driven crazy by the misrepresentation of her image in pop culture. An insane woman who finds herself speaking with inanimate objects and cleaning up after her beast of a boyfriend.
HUA MULAN – Strong yet gentle, shy yet outgoing, she is a walking dichotomy of masculinity and femininity seeking self-acceptance in a world that would have her choose one or the other.
THE LITTLE MERMAID – An innocent, obedient young woman turned rebellious, jaded lush. She has given up everything just to net a man; her father, her fin, even her voice. She can only move forward with baby steps; one foot in front of the other.
POCAHONTAS – The ultimate exploited girl who is a bizarre blend of the innocent little Powhatan tyke from history and the buxom babe from today’s pop princess culture. Her journey takes her back to her authentic, historically significant self.
RAPUNZEL – A strong German woman with a domineering personality, a big mole on her cheek, and a bushy unibrow. American capitalism has turned this frail, sheltered girl into a Mel Brooksian, Wagnerian singing monster bent on getting her fair share.
PRINCESS BADROULBADOUR – The spunky princess from the Middle Eastern-South Asian Aladdin sagas. She’s had it up to her veils with being secondary in her own tale. She is unhappy with the misogyny and oppression of women in her stories (and in today’s world) but getting even puts a little ‘swing’ in her step!
THE PRINCESS WHO KISSED THE FROG – Forgotten and left out of the kingdom for many years, this empowered African-American woman has now arrived on the scene as a feisty, fabulous storybook princess! She is the ultimate supreme diva in the land and she’s read to take the world by storm!

Auditions are being held at Ghost Light Theatre at 146 Bridge Street Studios from 10am. Fill in the form and secure your audition space today!