Broadway Unplugged


It’s that time again! Our next installment of Broadway Unplugged is set for September 7th at Ghost Light Theatre. Sign up now to secure your place on the programme. September’s show theme is : “Duets and Randoms.” Have an obscure song that no one has heard of? Have a song for two, or more, people that you’ve been dying to perform? Get registered today!

What is Broadway Unplugged?

It’s a concert series where there are no auditions, no rehearsals and no pressure! All you have to do is sign up when registration opens, give us your two songs you want to perform and then we have a show!

We do provide an accompanist for the concert and do the marketing, but there are no rehearsals to attend. All we ask is that you choose songs from Broadway shows and show up!

Places are limited to 9 performers for each concert, so get in quick and register below!