Broadway Unplugged


Registration is now open for the first BUP of 2018! Don’t forget to list your songs to secure your place for this first concert!

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An accompanist will be provided, singers have a quick run through with them on the afternoon of the concert. 8-10 singers, 2 songs each, no auditions, and a great way to uncover new talent within the community!

Suitable for experienced performers, complete newbies, nervous singers or confident singers. The only requirement is that you sing a song from a musical theatre production.


What is Broadway Unplugged?

  • Ever wanted to sing for an audience, but been put off by the audition process?
  • Ever wished you could practice your performing skills without having to be cast in a show?
  • Tired of singing in the ensemble and never getting a chance to shine?

Then this is for you!

This new initiative is based on the hugely successful ‘Way Off Broadway’ format created by Showbiz Christchurch a few years ago. Singers simply register which songs they wish to perform, and voila, a concert is created.

Registrations open 8 weeks before the performance. So make sure you join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out!