Time to put your best foot forward!

Nelson Theatrix is proud to launch the first ever Nelson Theatrix Musical Theatre Competition.

This competition is a way to encourage more people to challenge themselves to grow as performers, and to show the world what they’re capable of, all while getting valuable feedback on their performances from industry professionals.

It is open to all ages!

Too often, those of us in the world of amateur theatre, forget that musical theatre performers need to sing AND act, and often even dance…quite often at the same time! So we’ve set up this contest to encourage people to do just that – give us your best performance.

Tell us the story, show us the character, drag us into your performace.

OH! And did we mention the workshops? Yup, everyone who enters will be invited (read – encouraged) to take part in performance workshops on the day of the competitions, in order to strengthen their performance and understand more about what the judges are actually looking for.

We highly recommend getting in touch with local tutors who can help you work towards this event.

Judging will be based on a variety of categories, :
– your ability to present a convincing character
– your ability to convincingly tell a story convincingly
– your grasp and usage of vocal technique appropriate to your song

So lock in March the 10th and keep an eye out for more info

Open to ALL AGES
All Entry Details coming soon.