Welcome to the first annual Nelson Theatrix Musical Theatre Competitions!





Here at Nelson Theatrix we pride ourselves on providing fresh, innovative opportunities to local performers of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Our popular concert series Broadway Unplugged has allowed many people to step into the spotlight for the first time, and now, we want to encourage all you performers out there to keep growing and developing your craft.

Too often, those of us in the world of amateur theatre, forget that musical theatre performers need to sing AND act, and often even dance…quite often at the same time! So we’ve set up this contest to encourage people to do just that – give us your best performance.

Tell us the story, show us the character, drag us into your tale.

So before you say, “I’m not good enough”, maybe check yourself.

Not good enough for what? Not good enough to win? Who cares!

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself,  to grow as performers, and to show the world what they’re capable of, all while getting valuable feedback on your performance from industry professionals.

So, what was it you were saying again? You’re too old? Think again! This competition is open to people aged 8 – 108, and since we don’t know anyone who is 108, that definitely includes YOU!

Besides…what if you win?

So fill in the form and get it back to us at either:

Nelson Theatrix

Po Box 9047

Nelson 7011

Entries close March 1 2018